Event Contract and Policies


Event Contract and Policies


1. EVENT DATE RESERVATION: The event date will be held for you on a “Definite” basis upon receipt of your signed Event Confirmation Letter & Contract and/or initial payment.

2. GUARANTEE & INITIAL PAYMENT: In order to guarantee your reservation, we request an initial payment in advance of the total estimate dollar value of the event date to reserve when you sign this agreement as follows:

  • From 18 months and 12 months + before in advance, 25% of initial payment
  • From 12 months to 9 months in advance, 50% of initial payment
  • From 9 months to 6 months in advance, 75% of initial payment
  • From 6 months to 3 months in advance, 75% of initial payment

3. CANCELLATION: You may cancel this Agreement only upon giving written notice to us. The parties agree and understand that in the event of a cancellation, our actual damages will be determined on the actual time and expenses. Therefore, the parties agree on the following amounts to be paid by you as liquidated damages in the event of a cancellation and less the consultation hours/expenses and should it exceed the initial payment, an invoice will be billed:

  • Cancellation from 18 months & 12 months in advance of event, 50% of initial payment
  • If notified between 12 months & 9 months in advance of event, 25% of initial payment
  • If notified between 9 months & 6 months in advance of event, 15% of initial payment
  • If notified between 6 months & 3 months in advance of event, 10% of initial payment
  • NO REFUNDS for 3 months – 30 days in advance of event 0% of initial payment
  • NO REFUNDS after all services have been rendered by Wedding Planner 808.

4. MILITARY DEPLOYMENT: In the event there is a cancellation due to military deployments, cancelled leave, change of PCS or TDY orders, we will allow a cancellation, termination or reschedule of contract with a written cancellation letter and official orders. We will not charge any additional fees or penalize you for a postponement of a wedding that has to be rescheduled. We will reschedule your wedding date and accommodate you with another date that allows us to carry over based on the availability of the date. However, in the event one of you becomes deceased due to the act of war, we will return and refund any unused consultation hours and the wedding day hours as stated in this contract.

5. TYPES OF PAYMENTS: We accept the following forms of payments for your convenience:
•Cash – Written receipt will be provided as proof of payment.
•Check/Traveler’s Cheques – Cancelled check or written receipt will be provided as proof of payment. There will be a service charge assessed fee of $100.00 for all returned checks.

6. BALANCE DUE: The final balance and full payment of the packaged contract amount plus 4.712% Hawaii sales tax shall be paid two (2) weeks prior to the wedding day or based on your Payment Option Plan.

7. OBLIGATIONS: The obligation of Wedding Planner 808 and this agreement ends when services have been rendered in its entirety and upon full payment of the contract amount. Any additional services will be paid for separately with a REVISION to this agreement.

8. MULTI-MEDIA RELEASE: The undersigned hereby gives to Wedding Planner 808, its assigns, agents, licensees, affiliates, clients, principals, and representatives the absolute right and permission to copyright, use, exhibit, display, print, reproduce, televise, broadcast and distribute, for any lawful purpose, in whole or in part, through any means without limitation, any scenes all without inspection or further consent or approval by the undersigned.

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