Henry Large Boy .44 Magnum Overview

Since that time Dirty Harry, the .44 Magnum printer cartridge has captured the imaginations of millions. During the time of film’s discharge, .44 Magnum was regarded as the most powerful commercially available handgun cartridge on the planet. Even though it will no longer keeps that label, the .44 Magnum remains to be incredibly highly effective, but, sadly, could be too penalizing for more compact shooters to manage away from revolver. Fortunately, Henry Rifles has tamed the mighty .44 Magnum with their Henry’s Huge Boy Steel 44 Mag.

The Big Son Steel 44 Mag is actually a handle-action, journal hose-given, reproducing gun chambering in .44 Magnum and .44 Particular. Unlike its flashier cousin, the Gold Son, this carbine forgoes a brass recipient to get a blued metal one particular. It rss feeds from a detachable brass newspaper pipe that contains either ten rounds of .44 Magnum or 11 rounds of .44 Unique.

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Hearkening back to the period of cattle rustlers, outlaws and six-pistols, the Henry elicits a warm fuzzy John Wayne sensation whenever a shooter picks it. Luckily, it’s over only a nostalgic wall-hanger, a truth reflected in the rifle’s good looking, however utilitarian, matte blue complete. Yet another leaving from the flashier types is the omission from the hefty octagonal barrel. Instead, the carbine features a much lighter regular spherical barrel that greatly lowers shooter fatigue both during expanded firing trainings and long treks through the woods.

It was on one of these brilliant woodland strolls i possessed opportunity to truly take pleasure in the weight price savings of the finer barrel profile. My lovely wife and so i chosen to have a reasonable hike using the Henry in a friend’s 200 plus acre ranch and assist search for wild hog and coyotes. As it was more than 80 degrees outside on that day, we both introduced lots of drinking water in addition to some health proteins night clubs.

Long narrative brief, the average hike wound up like a extended one particular, as a result of sudden significant baths plus a dense cover of fog. Following a nine-hr hike using the Henry slung over my shoulder joint, my feet have been a lot more aching than my back. A truth attributable on the Henry steel knocking nearly two complete weight of excess weight through the unique, heavy-barreled layout.

Handiness and bodyweight away, the major Child Metal 44 Magnum creates a excellent associate to a huge-body seeking revolver from the same quality. This greatly simplifies the logistics of having two kinds of ammo into the area and constitutes a great combination for searching. This is also true when stalking wilderness hog, as their tough cover up is frequently excessive for typical pistol calibers to beat, successfully giving a stalking hunter some insurance policy should a huge sow opt to fee in defense of her young.

In contrast to handguns chambered from the impressively highly effective .44 Magnum spherical, the Henry has minor recoil with either complete-operated Magnum or .44 special plenty. Reliability through the carbine was outstanding, and more than enough for camping large online game in the cartridge’s efficient range. Even though carbine did existing one issue. It’s dangerously enjoyable to shoot, although the rounds it employs are prohibitively expensive to plink with. Luckily, this price could be significantly decreased from a reloading press and pass away installation.

Which opens the gun around all sorts of various possibilities. Because a shooter can fill sizzling hot rounds without stressing about experienced recoil or very mild ones, with the knowledge that the guidebook motion from the gun will still functionality. One of the most popular very low-recoil recipes is a I learned from a post by fellow writer Patrick Sweeney inside a piece about the .44 Magnum. Generally, a 240 grain guide semi wadcutter is packed just to 900 fps generally reproducing very hot .45 ACP tons. These are incredibly delicate-snapping shots, and would make an outstanding house protection or coyote spherical from either a pistol or gun – without as much risk of over penetration as full-powered lots.

Together with the substantial level of reloading details readily available for the ink cartridge, shooters can dial a perfect fill for Henry and convert it into a handle-activity tack motorist. The sole thing standing up in their way would be the small iron sights the gun ships with. Designed following standard versions, the Henry features buckhorn article and notch iron points of interest adjustable for decline and windage. These are generally similar to the inventory iron scenery with a Ruger 10/22 and, just like them, begs being changed by some thing efficient and forgiving to more aged eye. I, individually, would have appreciated to discover the identical scenery featured on Henry’s 30/30 about this carbine, but, luckily, the receiver comes pre-tapped through the manufacturer to get a weaver scope position.

Topped by using a personal preferred, the 50mm Leupold VX-1 extent, the Henry Major Son Stainlesss steel was competent at raining devastation in the countless tin containers create at 100 yards. When fifty percent-filled up with normal water, these containers spectacularly start their elements air-borne, supplying a glimpse of the potency of the .44 Magnum printer cartridge.

Retailing for well under $1,000, the Henry Big Boy .44 Magnum is surely an cost-effective solution to hunters and cowboy lovers alike who wish for the brilliance potent companion. Whether or not they’re driving in to the sunset, harvesting activity from a treestand or aiding protect the ranch from cattle robbers, shooters will like their knowledge of the all-American Henry Huge Boy Metal 44 Mag.


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